Shock Election Poll: College Worthless

College Worthless?

Today I saw a shock poll that may or may not tell you who will be the next president.  What it does is prove college worthless.  In fact, there appears to be a relationship between higher education and LOWER income.  Check out today’s LA Times poll broken down by segment:

College Worthless or Worse

College Worthless or Worse

Income Trumps Degrees

To understand this you have to appreciate that the first row represents the polled voters broken down by education; the second row shows those same group of polled voters broken down by income.  Do you see what I see? Did you notice that Hillary is leading only with College grads and up, education wise? Did you also notice that the only income bracket she leads in is under 35k? Hmmm.

Remember, these are not separate polls but breakdowns of the same pool of voters (from the same tracking poll).  So Trump leads with people making more than 35k.  The same people don’t have college degrees.  Are you getting the obvious conclusion here?  In case years of public school were successful at shutting down your ability to think critically I’ll spell it out for you.  The more formal education you have the less money you will make.

Alternatively, it is entirely possible that this poll is a bunch of garbage.  It is put out by the LA Times after all.  That said it actually was one of the most accurate in 2012.  Check it out and decide for yourself (#Decision2016):

We are neutral to who you vote for here at but what we really hope is that you don’t sign up for soul crushing debt.  To call college worthless is an understatement.  This data should show that there is actually an inverse relationship between formal education and income.  Why? Well, usually people need degrees so that they can do a job where they need permission from some authority.  Right there that will not attract entrepreneurs.  Think about that the next time you hear a teacher bemoaning that they don’t get paid enough.

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