LUA Scripting Made Stupid Simple

This blog is primarily about Youth Entrepreneurship and providing alternatives to the college/debt slave cycle. Now if you are going to gain marketable skills without college (and anyone currently failing to launch after graduating from college will tell you that formal academy might not be the best option) you will need some tools.  How about a tool for learning LUA Scripting?

For your consideration “LUA Scripting Made Stupid Simple” is a small volume I put together to get you quickly coding in LUA Scripting. If you want to quickly (I’m talking like 70 easy to follow pages here) put another programming language under your belt (and on your resume) I can scarcely think of a better way to go:



Keep an eye open for more books and training for you (or the teen you care about) to get one step closer to becoming a SIX FIGURE TEEN!  We would love to hear from you.  What tools do you think are the most helpful to crack into gainful employment while you are still in your teenage years?


UPDATE: By popular demand we have released the next book in the Made Stupid Simple series. This time we show you the wonderful world of Dart Scripting. Dart was recently developed by Google. Dart Scripting is an ingenious way to develop client-side code that can be interpreted by any browser. Even though Dart is relatively new the code can be easily compiled into Javascript and thus be understood by every online visitor. Check out the listing on amazon and feel free to drop us any feedback you have. Remember we are VERY influenced by reader requests and we are more than happy to let them choose which subject next needs to be MADE STUPID SIMPLE!

About JordanKaufman

Jordan Kaufman is author of Blender Meets Python (and several other technical volumes) and has been the ghostwriter for multiple other non-technical books. He has spent the last 18 years as a technology consultant holding his first tech job at 14 years of age.