Scrooge McDuck Is Dead (DuckTales Lessons)

Scrooge McDuck is dead! He neither quacks nor walks like a duck any longer.  The voicScrooge McDuck Is Deade of Scrooge McDuck, Alan Young, died last Thursday.  He was 96 and died in Woodland Hills, California.  Baby Boomers may remember Young as Wilbur Post, the mild-mannered architect with a talking horse on the unlikely 1960s sitcom, Mr. Ed.

But younger listeners like us will remember the English-born comic actor as the voice of Scrooge McDuck on DuckTales.

Scrooge McDuck Is Dead

Scrooge McDuck was a childhood hero to us and there is a ton you can learn from his character.  First, we pay our respects to Mr. Young and then we get into what DuckTales and Scrooge McDuck meant to us and what lessons aspiring Six Figure Teens can get from the show.

We decided to devote this very special episode of Six Figure Teen to the late Alan Young and the immortal cartoon Duck he gave his voice to.  We will break down a few segments from the iconic series, teaching the lessons that were so generously passed onto us, lessons long forgotten by modern society and an ignorant generation.  We hope these principles and the man who voiced them might not be forgotten, but rightfully achieve our appreciation, admiration and respect.

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