Six Figure Teen Mission

My name is Jordan, and I am the original Six Figure Teen.  Right from the beginning so there is no confusion, by Six Figure Teen I mean that when I first attained a Six Figure Income I was a teenager.  True, I was 19 so it was the last year I could be considered a teen but I spent most of my teenage years (in the time I could wrestle away from the public school system) working towards becoming gainfully employed.

My mission, and the mission of, is to help teenagers attain gainful employment WITHOUT college the need to drown themselves in an ocean of debt.  That said the principles laid down in the months and years to come will help  anyone that wants unorthodox approaches to entering lucrative fields of employment and entrepreneurship.  We will even help those that have “failed to launch” (which is really another way of saying they bought into misguided pro-college/pro-debt propaganda and now are paying the painful price) to start earning a good living even though their degrees aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Beyond these practical how-to and self help articles we will also delve into the theory behind this approach.  We will show that adolescence itself is NOT MANDATORY and that in most cultures throughout history they did not have a word for adolescent or teenager because the awkward period in between when a child WANTS to start getting assimilated into the adult world and when the adults around them figured this out and actually STARTED bringing them into that world was a month or two and hardly worth mentioning.  At it is our belief that the gap between when a child wants to and when they are allowed to start assimilating into the adult world (so they can start to make an impact in the lives of adults) is the only logical definition of adolescence and this period should be kept as short as possible and we will show parents how they can work with their teen (or debt-laden college grad, gulp!) to squash this uncomfortable period as soon as possible so the child’s life is not being put on hold creating the dreaded teenage angst or rebellion that most modern westerners think is normal (even though outside of western culture and in antiquity this is as strange as saying Rebellious Elderly).

This is why the full name of our blog is:

Six Figure Teen: The Taboo Solution to College Debt, the Failure to Launch and Adolescence Itself

Welcome to, I hope you will join me in truly empowering yourself (or the adolescent you care about) to enter the adult world debt-free and full of purpose. It doesn’t matter if you are twelve or twenty-two… either way your time has likely been wasted by public schools, government-funded colleges and the like.  Here we will NOT waste your time.  We will give you clear and to the point data, a clear picture of the backdoor into gainful employment and actionable information with each post.  I have succeeded gaining marketplace value in an unorthodox (but as you will see time-tested) way and I will show you how.  I have a lot to give on this subject but this is going to be a two way street.  Reach out to me, tell me your plight or your success story.  I want to hear from you and I WILL help you!  Adolescents of the World Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Unemployment! 🙂

Jordan Kaufman is author of Blender Meets Python (an unrelated technical volume) and been the ghostwriter for multiple other volumes.  He has spent the last 18 years as a technology consultant holding his first tech job at 14 years of age.


About JordanKaufman

Jordan Kaufman is author of Blender Meets Python (and several other technical volumes) and has been the ghostwriter for multiple other non-technical books. He has spent the last 18 years as a technology consultant holding his first tech job at 14 years of age.