Teen Entrepreneurship Through the Bathroom (Ep. 02)

Teen Entrepreneurship Through the Bathroom – Episode 2

2nd episode of SIX FIGURE TEEN!  We show listeners how they can enter Entrepreneurship Through the Bathroom.  Teen Entrepreneurship may seem like a contradiction in terms.  It would seem that teens aren’t set up in life enough to become entrepreneurs.  We show how the reverse is true.  We show by starting small and failing small that teen entrepreneurship is actually easier than when you are older and your need for money has grown with your job income.  We end it with Statistics Ballistics and a call to listeners to go to sixfigureteen.com to click on our FREE REPORT button to get our report about 7 Huge Successes Without Any College.  We even talk about some huge failures in video game development.  We contrast that with great indie games like Super Meat Boy.Teen Entrepreneurship - Six Figure Teen

The Series

SixFigureTeen.com is the new home for young people that want a better and faster method for getting working.  The job skills, entrepreneurial know-how and ultimately income they want is possible without college.

A Six Figure income really is possible before you hit 20.  Its still possible even if you woke up in your mid 20’s and realized you just went into debt for a worthless degree.  This can be accomplished as an employee, a freelancer, an entrepreneur,  or contractor.  The reality is that its easier to accomplish this as a teenager than as a debt-laden college grad.  Think about it, many entrepreneurial ventures can be started with very little capital.  What kills a lot of entrepreneurs is there personal need for cash.  Many are paying for high living expenses and personal debt (such as student loans).  Teens are actually in the best position to take unpaid internships, start small entrepreneurial ventures and just generally experiment in the marketplace.  THE PROBLEM: no one is telling them this. THE SOLUTION: Six Figure Teen!

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Jordan Kaufman is author of Blender Meets Python (and several other technical volumes) and has been the ghostwriter for multiple other non-technical books. He has spent the last 18 years as a technology consultant holding his first tech job at 14 years of age.